Get Stocked is a kidswear brand offering a wide range of causal dailywear knitted garments. We are geared up to soon launch products catering to both boys and girls. Being in the knitwear capital of India we have the advantage of producing export quality garment at competitive prices.


PennPreneur partnership program is aimed at empowering women by offering business opportunity exclusively to women. Our program is Single Level Sale model selling Get Stocked kids wear. There are no hidden charges or hidden agenda, our model is simple, sales based commission model with option to participate in marketing and salesmanagement.

Our designs are independent fashion and do not represent any affiliations.  Our designs breakout of the stereotypical royalty merchandise and fosters Fashion that beholds creativity. We have a myriad of colour options ready to bombard your kids wardrobe into shades of unimaginable rainbows. 

We at GetStocked are a team of people with textile and business backgrounds. We are so addicted to India that even after travelling the world, we could be nowhere else but Here! We are passionate about what we do and obsessed about doing it well. Having said that, we keenly work with industry leaders giving no room for mediocrity.